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TSV Wolkersdorf Friendship

This is the place to find the latest news on our Friendship

Friendship through Football

The friendship started in 1980 when Jurgen Katz, who had moved to Winscombe from Wolkersdorf, suggested that we play a match against his old village team. This was pre-e-mails and electronic communications so letters went back to and fro, but finally in 1984 the first visit was arranged, with Winscombe hosting. The following year a return visit to Wolkersdorf was made. Ever since then, apart from the Foot & Mouth disease outbreak in 2000 and COVID 19 in 2020 - 2022 the exchange has continued. The visit is for a week of friendship, fun and football, based around the junior section of each Club. Football tournaments, friendship matches, days out sightseeing, the legendary Mums' Penalty Shoot out and Dads' Match have all added to great friendship being built between our two Clubs.


2024 Trip to Germany

2024 represents the 40th Anniversary of this friendship and Winscombe will be taking the coach journey to Wolkersdorf on Friday 24th May returning Saturday 1st June.


More details will follow in September once the ferry details are known. If you are interested in joining the Tour please contact your Team Manager."

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